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This Lakers legend states who is currently the best player in the league

For him there is no doubt about who the best is 

By James Brown

For him there is no doubt about who the best is 
For him there is no doubt about who the best is 
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If there is someone who can say whatever he wants and who also has the capacity to do so in a reasoned manner, it is undoubtedly Shaquille O'Neal. The former Laker is a person who is not afraid to say anything. And as we are used to, Shaquille O'Neal said something that generated a lot of controversy among NBA fans.

When talking about who is the best player in the world, opinions are divided. For some (like us) the best is LeBron James, for others it is Giannis Antetokounmpo but for others, including the former Laker Shaquille O'Neal the best is the current Finals MVP; Stephen Curry.

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Without a doubt Stephen Curry has become one of the best players not only in recent years but in the history of the NBA and Shaquille O'Neal has no doubt about it. The Golden State Warriors point guard has revolutionized the game. He also recently tied LeBron James for the record for championship rings between them.

Yeah, by far," O'Neal said of Curry being the best player in the world. "Hell yeah. As Kenny Smith would tell you, you can have a category, but the real ones are recognized by the championships that you have. Nobody plays better than Steph Curry. He's a tough shot-taker, tough shot-maker. I like where he's brought his career."

The rivalry and friendship between LBJ and Curry

In 11 of the last 12 NBA Finals, LeBron James or Stephen Curry have been present. Each has won four championships. This is undoubtedly one of the best rivalries we have ever seen in NBA history. A rivalry that has also turned into a great friendship based on respect and admiration between both players. Who of the two will finish his career with more championship rings?



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