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This is how LeBron James' contract extension talks might end up

By James Brown

This is how LeBron James' contract extension talks might end up

LeBron James is eligible for a contract extension this offseason, but will the Lakers offer him a big second contract?

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So far every rumor surrounding the Lakers are about bringing a household name like Durant or Irving, to help them compete for a championship, but the movement that everyone should be hoping for is a Lebron James extension as he is eligible for a new contract since August 4th. James can sign either a one-year or two-year extension with the Lakers, sign a new contract that goes up to three years or playout next season and leave as a free agent and look for a new team.

Even at age 38,  James has shown that he is still worth a max contract as he still dominate the court the past season averaging 30.3 points per game to go along with 8.2 rebounds, 6.2 assists, 1.3 steals and 1.1 blocks in 37.2 minutes per game. The only negative is that he was on the court for only 56 games as he dealt with a couple of injuries that we are not used to see, this ended up hurting the Lakers as they not only missed a chance at the finals, but missed the playoffs all together.

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LeBron James signed a 2 year-85 million all guaranteed contract with the Los Angeles Lakers. He had an annual average salary of 42.8 million and in 2022-23 and will earn a base salary of 44 million next season. This ranks 11th in the whole NBA. In case of agreeing to a two year extension he might end up earning 50.4 million by the second year. He might opt for a new contract that can go up to three years giving him a 54 million by the end of the contract. He also can leave as a free agent but will earn less.

The truth is that if LeBron doesn't make a decision in the nearby future, the Lakers office will have the pressure to make a move before the season starts to keep him in the team. right now the team isn't close in the contention for the championship, and the Russell Westbrook move blew up on their face. A way to make James sign either an extension or a new deal, might be having a Championship roster to compete with.

Can the Lakers sign LeBron James to an extension and pair him up with his son?

It’s likely that any multi-year deal, extension or new contract, will have a player option on the final season. James has been open about his desire to retain the flexibility to play with his son Bronny in the NBA. The earliest the younger James can join the NBA is during the 2024-25 season. A new contract with the Lakers might just have him playing alongside his son during his last season.



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