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This is why LeBron James might change his number next season

The Lakers superstar Lebron James will change his number for next season

By James Brown

The Lakers superstar Lebron James will change his number for next season
The Lakers superstar Lebron James will change his number for next season
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Starting next season no player in the NBA will be allowed to change to the number 6. LeBron James, who just started wearing the number last season will be allowed to keep wearing it. The four-time NBA MVP began his professional career with the Cavaliers wearing No. 23, then switched to No. 6 when he played for the Heat from 2010-14. In his return to Cleveland James pulled out No. 23 and stuck with it in Los Angeles until last season, but once again he will change jersey numbers.

Of course the reason the NBA is taking the no.6 for all 30 teams is to honor 11-time champion and all-time great Bill Russell making him the first player to receive such an honor. A Russell commemorative patch on the right shoulder of jerseys and a shamrock-shaped logo with the No. 6 on courts will be used across the NBA as well for the 2022-23 season.

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There have been more than 250 players in NBA history to wear a No. 6 jersey, and Russell is one of 12 players enshrined in the Basketball Hall of Fame who wore No. 6 at some point in their careers. All 25 players who wore the number during last season will be allowed to keep it according, that includes the ‘King’ LeBron who wore that the number because as he said  last year, it has "always been part of me." But maybe some of them might want to change it to respect the great late Russell. 

Bill Russell past away this July 31 at the age of 88. He will always be remembered by Lakers Fans, not only for his greatness but also because there's no doubt that without him, the team would have won a couple more Championships. Bill Russell averaged 24.7 rebounds and 17.6 points in 42 games against the Lakers in the NBA Finals with a record of 28-14 in his career. Was because of him that Lakers Wilt Chamberlain is not consider the Greatest Of All Time.

What number will LeBron James wear next season?

James wanted to change his jersey number in 2019 when the Lakers acquired Anthony Davis. He even posted a photo of Davis holding a No. 23 jersey once the deal had been finalized because Davis had worn the number for his first seven NBA seasons. However Nike did not allowed it because it could be "massive financial hit". Davis ended up wearing No.3. So No.23 still available for LeBron James to wear it next season.







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