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This is how Max Christie can help the Los Angeles Lakers

How important will the rookie be next season?

By James Brown

How important will the rookie be next season?
How important will the rookie be next season?
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Max Christie came to the Los Angeles Lakers with the 35th pick from the Orlando Magic and Rob Pelinka assured that his choice was unanimous, so it is very likely that the young player will start the season wearing the 17-time champion franchise's jersey. But how much can Max Christie help and what can he bring to the Los Angeles Lakers?

Max Christie is coming off a very inconsistent year with the Michigan Spartans. He left some flashes of good offensive play but right now his repertoire is very limited, his decision-making needs to mature and he needs to gain size to be able to score in the NBA. He shot for 38% TC, 32% T3 and 33% from the Catch & Shoot.

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Still, he has the potential to become a good shooter in immediacy and, why not, a good scorer in the long run. His free throw (82%) and double-double (42%) percentages attest that he has a good hand, and in his High School years one of his main virtues was shooting.Maybe his 0.5 steals and 0.5 blocks seem discouraging, but his opponents shot for 30% when he faced them in the 1vs1. He has good height, and speed and will be able to bring a lot of intensity off the bench on a team that currently lacks a lot of youth and defense.


Now with the Lakers' gamble on the youngsters, Max Christie will have to take advantage of every opportunity he gets. While the Los Angeles Lakers are far from being one of the best squads (despite having LeBron James and Anthony Davis) in the NBA, the starting lineup will be hard fought for with so many young players hungry for success, earning his spot will not be easy.


What Rob Pelinka said about him 

"I think Max had a really strong season for a 19-year-old player. When we connect him with Darvin Ham, Chris Jent and the developmental coaches we'll have, he'll become a very good shooter. Our scouts have an incredible track record finding players in the second round that we can develop and we think Max will be the next one." No doubt sooner or later the rookie will be a great NBA player and this gamble for the future will likely pay off for the Los Angeles Lakers.




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