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This is the chance for Los Angeles to have Bronny on their team

By James Brown

This is the chance for Los Angeles to have Bronny on their team

Now with LeBron James locked in for the next two years, the Lakers can dream in pairing him up with up with Bronny.

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It's hard to decide which James have made more impact in social media in the last couple of days. First Bronny James hit us up with a dunk in the Euro tournament in Paris with the California Basketball Club. His move broke the internet receiving comments from NBA players and of course from his father. Now LeBron James came up big and broke the internet with the news of a new extension with the Los Angeles Lakers.

LeBron James will play with the Purple and Gold for at least two years more. This means we will see him in LA until he hit the 40-year mark. But what is most important he'll be in the league until at least 2025. This is good news as it seems that Bronny will be eligible to enter the League as early as 2024, this of course, will depend on the path the young player decides, but everything point out to him going to college.

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Unfortunately for the Lakers they don't have first round picks until the 2026 season. They gave up their upcoming draft picks in exchange for Anthony Davis. Of course this decision worked out when it they made it for the 2020 season as they end up winning the Championship that year. However since then, the Pelicans have had the Lakers first round pick, and now they don't have a plan for the future but build around LeBron James via trades and free agency. Although they have a 2023, second round pick, a 2024 second round pick, and a 2025 second round pick.

The Lakers can only hope that Bronny commit for a college program and stay for two years. This will make him eligible for the NBA in the same season the Lakers have a their first round pick back. However all this can change if the Lakers send two first round picks and Russell Westbrook to the Brooklyn Nets, so that they can get Kyrie Irving in their team. Then the Lakers won't have a first round pick until 2028 season.

Is Bronny James a first round pick prospect?

Maybe Bronny's last name will make him go on the first round in the NBA draft. His father, LeBron James is the most influential figure in the NBA, so this might help the young basketball player. Still right now, he is ranked the No.43 nationally, No.7 in his position and No.12 in the state of California. His numbers might not be the best but he can definitely be a first round pick.





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