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The record with which LeBron James will be unreachable

By James Brown

The record with which LeBron James will be unreachable

LeBron James holds many records, but there is one that is right within his grasp to achieve this season.

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LeBron James is one of -if not the- best players in NBA history. The Ohio native has played in the League over 19 seasons and has no signs of stopping any time soon. At age 38, LeBron has achieved many individual records, especially in the playoffs. His longevity has helped him to win some of those, but there is no doubt he is an special talent. Now entering the new season, he has the chance to achieve one more record that only Tim Duncan has.

Most people think that LeBron is only chasing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's record of points scored. Sure, that will be an amazing achievement as it is a prove of his dominance over the years. But there is a better stat that proves just how good LeBron is. His win-loss record against all NBA teams. There's no other player in NBA history that has an above .500 record against all 30 teams. There are some players with winning records against all teams, such as Magic and Tim Duncan, but they didn't play against their own teams.

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Right now, LeBron has a winning record against 27 of the 30 NBA teams, and only has a losing record against one. LeBron can finish this upcoming season as the only player with a winning record against all teams if he wins, at least one game against the Spurs and the Rockets as he has the same record of 19-19 vs both franchises. The King has the same win-loss record of 19-19 vs the Rockets and, finally, Denver is the only team that can show off a winning record vs the future Hall of Famer with a 18-19 record. 

This is a stat that will put LeBron above any other player, including Michael Jordan, who has a losing record vs four teams. Shaq doesn't have a losing record vs any team but he has a tie vs the Hornets and the Thunder. As said above some other players have winning records, but they didn't face all 30 teams. So as the schedule is set to be released any time now, we will mark the games against San Antonio, Houston and Denver.

Where will LeBron James will end his career?

Rob Pelinka has made it clear that he wants LeBron James to finish his career wearing the Purple and Gold colours. However without an extension, things are pointing in a different direction. It might depend where Bronny James ends up playing, but there's also the chance for him to go back to the place where everything started, Cleveland.



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