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This is the only place where LeBron James can retire

By James Brown

This is the only place where LeBron James can retire

Channing Frye believes LeBron James will take less money to go back to Cleveland and retire

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LeBron James' future is still in the air, as he enters his last year of contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, and is yet to sign an extension with the team. The ‘King’ has been eligible to an extension since August 4th. He could earn 46.7 million if he extends to 2024, and 97.1 million if he opts to sign a two-year extension. However there are some people that think LeBron should leave Los Angeles and join another team like the Cavaliers.

NBA champion, and former Cleveland Cavalier Channing Fyre suggested LeBron should return to Cleveland for his "Last Dance" with Cavaliers. The rumours surrounding his possible return aren't news but Fyre, believes that this could be just the perfect ending of James' career.  "Could you imagine LeBron's last year in Cleveland?...I'm just a kid from Akron. His school, the city. I'll say this to his face he should go back to Cleveland every single game."

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Even though the former center hopes to see LeBron return to Cleveland, he knows that the ‘King’ will stay in L.A until he es no longer the focal point of the team "He's gonna be in LA until, I cannot imagine my mind Bron being third wheel, right? It's gonna be tough, okay, so when Bron is second wheel and a half. Bron's like all right man, thank you I'm going somewhere for a season and we're going to make it work.”

Channing Fyre also believes that LeBron could accept less money to end his career in Cleveland, he even describe how James' last season would be, "I think he's going to play the point guard and they're going to go to the Eastern Conference finals and they might lose to a team who's young, but then he's going to go out. It's going to be the greatest last year. If he knows this is last year I think he takes less money to go back to Cleveland."

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LeBron James is still defying father time as he is entering his 20th NBA season at age 38. He is still dominating the league as last season he average 30.3 points per game, so talks of his retirement should be far off. However, here we are. Rob Pelinka wants LeBron to finish his career as a Lakers, many people believe that the perfect ending should be in Cleveland and others think that he can retire in his own Las Vegas franchise. Only one thing is certain, basketball will miss LeBron James.





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