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Russell Westbrook didn't back down after romours of trade

By James Brown

Russell Westbrook didn't back down after romours of trade

Russell Westbrook showed in Twitter that he isn't a problem in LA after all rumour of a possible trade.

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The possibility of Russell Westbrook being traded to the Nets in exchange for Kyrie Irving aren't news. Lakers Fans have shown the dislike of the former MVP, and his stats can't back him up, or at least that was the narrative during the past months. Now Westbrook showed in Twitter that he was playing good by the end of the season by liking a tweet showing his stats for the last ten games o f the 2021-22 season.

The tweet that Russell Westbrook liked read "Russell Westbrook last 10 games: 22.2 PPG, 7.4 RPG
7.1 APG, TPG 3.4, FG 52%, 3P 41.5% Brodie was getting into a rhythm dealing with all the injuries and lineup changes while not being used right and they want to trade him?". Of course the tweet didn't showed any accountability from Westbrook side, as he did end up with some of the worst stats in his career, but this might lift up his stocks a bit.

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The liking of the tweet might just mean that Westbrook is expecting to be trade before the start of the season, and with the rumours that the Lakers just added two first round picks to the exchange for Kyrie Irving makes things move from just a rumour to a almost deal. There's no doubt in my mind that if the trade happens, this won't be the last tweet that Westbrook will like that takes away some of the mistakes he made last season.

In one side Russell can show that he was top three in the Lakers at scoring, rebounds and assist. He also was the only player in the team with 78 games played. Westbrook was the only player that was available for the team the whole season, and if his numbers for all the season were close to what the tweet said for the last we would be having another conversation, but those games meant absolutely nothing as the Lakers were essentially already out of the playoff hunt. 

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There's no doubt at some point in his career Westbrook could help a team win the Finals, but it seems that's no longer the case and now he seemingly cares more about his individual stats than winning and it's not capable of acknowledging his mistakes. Both sides look ready to part ways.


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