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What the future of Russell Westbrook might really look like

Russell Westbrook future is uncertain, but this is the plan the Lakers have install for him.

By James Brown

Russell Westbrook future is uncertain, but this is the plan the Lakers have install for him.
Russell Westbrook future is uncertain, but this is the plan the Lakers have install for him.
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Russell Westbrook has been the focal point of the trade rumours during this offseason. All Laker fans want him out of Los Angeles as soon as possible as he had on of, if not, his worst season ever. However, unlike LeBron or Davis, Westbrook was available all the season being the player with most games played. He also led the team in assist and was top three in points and rebounds. True he was a shell of himself but at least he was on the court.

Despite all the trade rumours surrounding Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, it seems, Westbrook is no longer part of the deals. This means that the team has to change their approach toward the next season and find a place for Westbrook to shine. At least according to the front office and the head coach, they just found the ideal place for the former MVP and that's shooting 3s from the corner were he had 45.1% on a mere 0.7 attempts per game.

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If the Lakers can't land a big trade, there's no doubt LeBron James and Anthony Davis will lead the offense through the middle of the court, that's if they can stay healthy. The attention that both players create will mean favorable matchups for Westbrook in the corner. Historically Russell hasn't been that good from the corner shooting only 33%. Still, the Lakers hope that Westbrook can elevate his play from the corner and in all of the court.

The hate that Westbrook has received specially by the Lakers fans, isn't excusable, but the truth is that he hasn't play up to expectations of being a former MVP and nine time all-star. But at least it seems that he has a new ally in town in the new head coach Darvin Ham who has told the media that working with Westbrook is one reason why he took the job. Ham even said he believes the guard can fit on the team if he’s willing to make the sacrifices.

Will Russell Westbrook play a bigger role in the Lakers fight for a new championship?

There's still the uncertainty of Westbrook status with the Los Angeles Lakers. There's the possibility that he end up traded in order to get Kyrie or Durant, but for now the team can only hope that Westbrook can win a couple of games by himself if LeBron and Davis aren't available because of some injury. One thing is certain, if he stays, he either lift up his game and help the team reach the playoffs or he'll be gone without a doubt.





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