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What this former NBA player thinks about Kobe Bryant

“He is a hero” he exclaim

By James Brown

“He is a hero” he exclaim
“He is a hero” he exclaim
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There are players who leave their mark on the court. There are players who leave their mark off the court, and there are players who leave a lifelong legacy, and if there is one player who has influenced and left a mark on the NBA and the world, it is undoubtedly Kobe Bryant. The Black Mamba was one of those players who will never be forgotten not only for his great basketball skills but for what he generated both on and off the court.

The "Mamba mentality" marked an entire generation of basketball players and athletes of other disciplines. Kobe taught us that with effort, discipline and dedication you can achieve anything you set your mind to. One of the players that Kobe Bryant marked the most was undoubtedly Jamal Crawford who a few days ago declared that Kobe Bryant is a hero.

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Relax Lakers nation, we have many options.

What a great lack of respect for Lakers fans.


In an interview with Landon Buford of Sports Illustrated, Crawford spoke of his great admiration for Kobe and his mentality as a competitor. He also spoke about how they grew their relationship over the course of the years. The Lakers legend was very supportive of him and his CrawsOver league, and the former Los Angeles Clippers player is very much appreciative.

"Everybody sees the fierce competitor and how he competes, but the man he was, was second to none. I was so happy when he came here, he didn't have to or have any reason to. Someone he was with was like 'no, Kobe can't go'. Kobe was like 'Jamal is playing, I am taking my family and watching him play at the Crawsover.' For a lot of people, that's the only time they've seen Kobe. It was an amazing experience and our relationship took off after that, texting and talking. He is someone I consider a hero, even though he's just a year or two older than me, he was a hero to me," Crawford shared.

A great basketball player but a better human being.

A little more than two years after Kobe Bryant's death, the whole world continues to miss his basketball, his inspiration but most of all the great human being he was. Kobe Bryant left a legacy like no other, unfortunately, he left before his time. Without a doubt, we would have loved to see him as coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. However, the whole world will always be grateful to him.  What can we say... Mamba Out.



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