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According to these former NBA players, LeBron is the best scorer of all time

For Gilbert Arenas, there is no doubt who is the best

By James Brown

For Gilbert Arenas, there is no doubt who is the best
For Gilbert Arenas, there is no doubt who is the best
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If there is one player who dominates every aspect of the game it is LeBron James. King LeBron is currently considered one of the best players in the history of the NBA but as usual with players who have this talent, criticism is inevitable. We have heard that LeBron is a crybaby, that he is self-centered and that LeBron James is not a scorer.

The last one is very hard to believe and understand because it is just a matter of taking a look at LeBron's stats to realize that people who say he is not a scorer are very wrong. Not for nothing is he just over 1000 points away from passing Kareem Abdul Jabbar as the NBA's all-time leading scorer. He is also the first to reach 30k- 10k- 10k (points, assists and rebounds).

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On the "No Chill" podcast, former NBA players Richard Jefferson and Gilbert Arenas made it clear that LeBron James is the greatest scorer of all time. "He passed Michael Jordan 3 seasons ago" said Arenas "So to pass LeBron James in scoring records someone is going to have to do, what? average 30 points a game and go to 13 NBA Finals, that's not going to happen. No one is going to break those records! And then he'll pass Kareem Abdul - Jabbar."

According to Richard Jefferson, it is normal to think that currently the best scorer is Kevin Durant, however LeBron has been averaging over 25 points per season for years. Not just anyone is capable of doing that, that's worthy of a natural scorer. The reality is that LeBron James' ability to assist and generate plays makes people think that the King is not a scorer.

LeBron James chases Kareem record


The great Kareem Abdul Jabbar currently holds the record for all-time leading scorer, a record that LeBron James will break sooner or later. In order to break Kareem's record, LeBron has to average over 16 points if he plays every game of the season. Worst case scenario is that LeBron James will break the record next season. He has time to make those 1300 points he is missing as the king is expected to play until he is 42 or 43 years old.




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