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Anthony Davis has become the NBA's forgotten superstar

By James Brown

Anthony Davis has become the NBA's forgotten superstar

Anthony Davis is the Lakers' second best player, but a bunch of injuries have made the NBA forget his talent.

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The Lakers have many issues going into next season. They still need to add more players that can help on offense, and they have to trade Russell Westbrook away. Anthony Davis is the team's second best player, just behind LeBron James. However, a bunch of injuries have made us forget how good he is, and maybe he has become a liability.

According to Ben Golliver from the Washington Post, “The plan, it seemed, was for Davis to take the baton from James as the Lakers’ leading option and to battle peers such as Giannis Antetokounmpo, Nikola Jokic and Joel Embiid for control of the league,” however, his injuries have make him played in only 76 games in two years.

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Davis is a very important player every time he is on the court. Last season he averaged 23.2 points, 9.9 rebounds and 3.1 assists, showing he is still a very good player. But he has seen him more on the bench than on the court. If things continue like this, the Lakers might consider trading him away.

“Much like Durant, Davis has shied from fame at times, generally preferring to let his game do the talking. That strategy works fine during winning seasons, but it creates a vacuum that is easily filled with criticism during tougher times. When disappointment accumulates, the public is apt to move on to more charismatic personalities," explained Golliver.

Lakers health issues

Anthony Davis' health has been a big issue during his career, and now with the Lakers, it has been more common than not. However, now LeBron James has become injury-prone too. Now they have added Patrick Beverley, who is another player that struggles to stay healthy.


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