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Patrick Beverley is more valuable to the Lakers than Russell Westbrook

By James Brown

Patrick Beverley is more valuable to the Lakers than Russell Westbrook

According to NBA analyst Skip Bayless, PAtrick Beverley is more valuable to the Lakers than Russell Westbrook.

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The Lakers traded two young players to the Utah Jazz in exchange for an all-NBA defensive player in Patrick Beverley. There's no doubt Beverley makes the Lakers better as he has come to restore a team that was bottom ten in defensive efficiency. According to NBA analyst Skip Bayless, not only does Beverley make the Lakers better, but he is more valuable than Russell Westbrook, who's still on the team.

During an episode of Undisputed, the analyst argued, “Now Patrick is gonna take some, if not a whole lot, of Westbrook’s minutes… What I believe here is, Patrick Beverley right now is better than Russell Westbrook. He’s more valuable in so many ways. He’s a better three-point shooter, he’s a better playmaker. He makes all the right plays.”

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The Lakers might consider trading Russell Westbrook as soon as they can, not only to upgrade the team in other positions, but also because of the beef that he has with Patrick Beverley that has been going for over nine years now. There is no way that the two players can share the same locker room in the upcoming season.

Russell Westbrook had his worst season since his second year in the league, last year with the Lakers. But he still had way better offensive numbers than what Beverley had for the Timberwolves. The Lakers decided that even if Beverley doesn't help that much in the offense, he's more valuable on defense than Westbrook.

When will the Lakers trade Westbrook?

It's just a matter of time until Russell Westbrook is traded. Hopefully, the Lakers can get two great players in return, such as Myles Turner and Buddy Hield. The only problem is that the Lakers are not willing to send Russell Westbrook and two first round picks to the Pacers duo.


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