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Do the Lakers really need this player in their future?

By James Brown

Do the Lakers really need this player in their future?

According to an NBA insider, the Lakers really have to think if they need this player in their future.

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The Lakers have a lot of questions going towards the new season. Of course the trade surrounding Kyrie Irving has been in everybody's mouth, but LeBrons extension is another topic that the front office and Lakers fans should pay attention. Russell Westbrook status is another problem the team faces. But for this NBA Insider, the future of Anthony Davis with the team has to be something to take into consideration the next season. 

No one in Lakers Nation could argue that the Anthony Davis trade was a bad decision as they ended up winning a championship out of it. But now the team doesn't have first round picks until 2026 and right now the roster isn't competitive enough to fight for a championship, and the only way they can get better is via trade. The problem is that if they send their more first round picks they might not have a way to compete in the post LeBron era.

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The NBA Insider Steve Bulpett said “The Lakers have AD for two more years for sure, and they can only hope he stays healthy. But after that, they have to think, is this guy really our future? He can’t stay on the floor. And he has to think, do I want to be here without LeBron? That’s why the Lakers do not want to give up those future picks.” If the Lakers manage to land Kyrie the team might be some how competitive for the next three years, but that would mean they wont have picks until 2029.

Davis signed a $190 million contract with the Lakers in 2020, that year it paid out as he put averages of 26.1 points and 9.3 rebounds but since then his numbers have gone down in the last two seasons averaging 23.2 and 21.8 last year. Not only his numbers have gone down but the number of games he has played too. In the 2020 season he played 62 games, the year after he only was available for 36 and last year he finished with 40 games played. If he cant stay healthy he can't be an asset for the Lakers.

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The quick answer obviously should be LeBron as he is a top five player in NBA History, but he argue the offense should be led by Anthony Davis. As davis is nine year younger than James, someone would think he's the correct answer, but as said above, he cant stay on the court. Another answer could be Kyrie, but he still not in the team. Therefore, Lakers can only hope James play for at least three more years until the team can draft in the first round pick again.







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