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For former Laker Derek Fisher, this player is on par with Shaq and Kobe

According to Fisher, Curry is on par with Shaq and Kobe

By James Brown

According to Fisher, Curry is on par with Shaq and Kobe
According to Fisher, Curry is on par with Shaq and Kobe
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Two of the greatest to have played this sport are without a doubt Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant. Since their arrival in the NBA, both ruled the league. They won three straight championships with the Los Angeles Lakers in the early 2000s. Years later Shaquille O'Neal would win one more with the Miami Heat and Kobe Bryant another two with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Well, according to Derek Fisher, Stephen Curry is already on par with Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O' Neal "Steph Curry has separated himself as one of the few guys in the history of our game, that when you look back, wherever he was or whenever he played, his teams were really successful," Fisher told Inside the Warriors. "I put him in that category with Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal. Wherever he is, success is going to follow him."

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They've gone crazy. The Lakers want to risk their future for a player.

The lakers would let him go in exchange for an all-star! Is this convenient?

It is difficult to make a comparison with Shaquille O'Neal because Shaq played a very different position. While Stephen Curry plays point guard, Shaquille O'Neal played center. Two positions with very different requirements. Also because of their respective styles, it is practically impossible to compare them. Shaquille O'Neal should serve as a comparison with players like Anthony Davis, Dwight Howard and or even Draymond Green.

Now talking about Kobe Bryant, the comparison makes more sense. However, there is something Kobe Bryant accomplished that virtually no one else has (except Michael Jordan and maybe LeBron James). We are talking about legacy beyond the court. Kobe Bryant left us the famous "Mamba Mentality". Kobe inspired hundreds of people both on and off the court. Not that Stephen Curry didn't, but what Kobe's way of thinking and acting accomplished was simply amazing.


Stephen Curry on the hunt for Shaq and Kobe

Without a doubt, Stephen Curry is among the best players of this era but it seems a bit hasty to say that he is on par with Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal. While Stephen Curry has already tied Shaq for the most championships and is just one away from matching Kobe Bryant, we will have to wait until he retires to make a fair comparison. Stephen Curry currently has 4 championship rings and 1 MVP of the 15-16 season and a Finals MVP after leading his team to a Finals victory over the Celtics last season.



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