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Former Lakers MVP doesn't blame Russell Westbrook for opting-into his contract

By James Brown

Former Lakers MVP doesn't blame Russell Westbrook for opting-into his contract

Shaquille O'Neal doesn't blame Russell Westbrook for opting-into his contract for this upcoming season.

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Even after the worst season of Westbrook's career, at least stat-wise, he decided to exercised his $47.1 million option with the Lakers for the 2022-2023 season. The 9-time All-Star will be entering the final year of his 5-year, $206.8 million contract that he signed with the Oklahoma City Thunder after winning MVP. Former Lakers MVP Shaquille O'Neal gave his opinion on the fact that the point guard decided to keep his current contract.

Shaq commented on his podcast ‘The Big Podcast with Shaq’ that there's nothing wrong with Westbrook getting his money, why not go off and tear up the league? which he, former MVP can certainly can do. “And if I’m Russ, because of how things played out last year, I’m gonna make them pay me this 47 million… Because remember, 47 in LA is what, 23 million. Never forget that California tax is deadly.”

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Of course the news towards Russell Westbrook, aren't positive for him as he is the focal point of the trade to get Kyrie Irving in Los Angeles. The former Oklahoma Thunder, should not be ashamed to get some more money as he got the contract because of his play, and even though he hasn't lived up to it, it was because of what he did. Now entering his last year of his contract, he should be looking toward a contract that can help his game and the team he ends up playing for.

Even though it seems the Lakers front office is doing everything in their power to trade Russell Westbrook, let's not forget that his new head coach Darvin Ham, said that he was excited to work with the former MVP, and there has been also rumours they they found a game plan, that involves him shooting a higher 3-point percentage from the corner to help him lift his game and his importance to the team. So there's still a chance that Westbrook plays for the Lakers next season.

Where will Westbrook play the next season?

The first answer, is obviously the Brooklyn Nets, as it seems he is the only player the Lakers are willing to offer in the trade for Kyrie Irving. However there has been rumours placing him with the Indiana Pacers, but as days goes on, it almost seems that the Lakers fans will have to deal with Westbrook for another season.





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