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Former LeBron James teammate recalls his first time playing with him

By James Brown

Former LeBron James teammate recalls his first time playing with him

Former LeBron James teammate Dwyane Wade, recalls when the Miami Heat signed the King to their roster.

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LeBron James has had some tough times during his career. But there's no doubt that he found his prime while playing for the Miami Heat. From 2010 to 2014, LeBron James managed to carry the team to the NBA finals four years in a row, winning two championships in a row. Dwyane Wade was one of the key players to help LeBron achieve this run. Now he recalled what it was to know that the ‘King’ was going to play for them.

"I never thought we were going to play together. Like it never crossed my mind. Playing in the All-Star games and playing in the summer games and playing in the Olympics, that's one thing, but playing the NBA season together that's 82, that's way different. You know how hard that is to think about playing with another ball-dominated guy. It wasn't as many shots as it is now, the pace wasn't the same as it is now, so it looked even harder to even think that, " explained D Wade in a recent episode of the "Point Forward" podcast.

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DWade continued explaining that it was a LeBron decision instead of a Heat decision.  “So it was nothing that was on my mind until free agency in 2010, when we started going through the process of free agency, there was nothing on my mind until then about even playing together. A lot of people think we came up with it, I wish we were this smart. Like, we go with this plan went like we're building it from 2004 to 2008, but we weren't that smart.”

In the end, LeBron found his best form during his time with the Miami Heat. True, he went to win championships with both the Cavaliers and the Lakers, but he hasn't had a streak of  four finals in a row like he did with the Heat.

The best LeBron James ever?

It's hard to decide when Lebron James had his prime moment, as he won in all the three teams that he has played for. Still, it's fair to say that the only team he didn't miss the playoffs was the Miami Heat. As he had missed the postseason in two f his four years with the Lakers, and he missed the playoffs in his first two years with the Cavaliers.



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