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Kendrick Perkins brings The Lakers back to their harsh reality

By James Brown

Kendrick Perkins brings The Lakers back to their harsh reality

The Lakers are nowhere close to be the best team in the NBA but they are not even close to be the best team in Los Angeles

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The Lakers are probably the most polarizing team in the NBA, right now they are tied for most NBA titles with the Boston Celtics with 17, but in the last eight years only once the have shown competitiveness. Not only that but only once in the last eight years they have managed to finish the season above the Clippers. This season seems history will repeat itself as the Clippers have a team that many puts as favorites to the titles.

Right now LeBron James is the Lakers best player. That's not bad news if you are a Lakers fan, as you have one of the best players in NBA history as your leader, but when the rest of the team doesn't seem to complement the super star, your are in serious problems. The Lakers are the most followed team in Los Angeles right now, but if these bad results against the Clippers keep happening, the fans will start thinking in changing the team they root for.

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Kendrick Perkins is just one of many analysts that believe the Clippers are going to dominate this league next season, “But I’m looking at the Clippers, I have them as my favorites to win it all. I mean when you think about the coach in Tyronn Lue.”  He also complement by showing how bad has LeBron been against the Clippers, “Since Tyronn Lue has been the head coach of the Clippers, LeBron James hasn’t beaten him one time and so that says a lot”. 

Not being competitive in the League might be understandable as teams not always have the roster to compete for the championship. But it seems that the Lakers haven't even had a team to compete against their city rivals in a long time. The Clippers will enter the season with a 7-game winning streak against the Purple and Gold and are looking to finish above them in the West for the eighth time in the past nine years.

Will the Lakers win one of their first two games?

Seems the NBA decided to put Lakers under a lot of stress for their first two games. They will have to face the defending champions in the Opening Night game, on October 18th. And two days after they will have to face one of the favorite teams for the title in the Clippers. The Lakers have had a lot of problems facing both teams, as the last time the Purple and Gold defeated the Clippers was two years ago and they had a 3-1 record vs the Warriors last season.





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