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LeBron James Breaking Scoring Record in LA is 'Depressing'

By James Brown

LeBron James Breaking Scoring Record in LA is 'Depressing'

NBA Analyst believes that there's no excitement in LeBron James breaking the scoring record while playing for the Lakers

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LeBron James is right on verge of breaking Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's all-time scoring record. He not only will end up at the top of the scoring list, but it's fair to say that he will be the first player to eclipse 40 thousand points while also finishing with over 10 thousand career rebounds and assists. However for a NBA analyst, LeBron James breaking the scoring record with the Los Angeles Lakers, would not be as impressive as it should.

NBA analyst Nick Wright comment via What's Wright Podcast, "What if the Lakers actually do run it back? And that to me is just so depressing, that in Year 20, LeBron is coming off one his of best offensive years ever, when he's going to break Kareem's scoring record this season, if it is done, it'd be for a mediocre Lakers team that will win, you know, 45-ish games and have no chance to win the title." regarding the ‘King's' chance to overlaps Kareem.

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ClutchPoints also revealed that in an 82 game season, LeBron James just needs to average 16.2 points per game next season to break the all time record. Let's not forget that last season James had a great offensive season where he average 30.3 points per game, but he also played only 56 games as injuries caught to him. Still some experts believe it will only take him 49 games, less than what he played last season and what he has average in his career.

Every NBA analyst believes that this Lakers team can't really compete for the championship, and probably will end the season missing the playoffs once again. As Wright said, breaking the record playing for this team might be a sour sentiment. We know that LeBron has never been about his stats, but as it stands right now, without a competitive roster he might have to look only for his individual stats. Of course this could change if Irving find his way to Los Angeles.

What is LeBron most impressive record?

LeBron James is less than 2000 points away from breaking the all-time scoring title. Entering his 20th season it's not surprising that he has a chance, but i believe that his achievements in the playoffs are way more impressive than the NBA scoring title. He leads the all-time list in ten categories categories, Points made, Field goals made, Field goal attempts, Field goals missed, Free throws made, Free throw attempts, 3-point field goal attempts, Steals, Minutes played, Games played.


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