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Lakers fans should be excited after this workout video

By James Brown

Lakers fans should be excited after this workout video

The Los Angeles Lakers posted a video of LeBron James working out in order to get ready for his 20th season.

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LeBron James has been defying time for years now. He's going to enter his 20th season at age 38 with the mentality of winning another championship. Last season ended in a disaster as the Lakers missed the playoffs after finishing the season with a record of 33-49. LeBron James missed almost 30 games last season, so he must be ready to start a new season healthy.

The Lakers decided to hype up their fans by tweeting a video of LeBron James putting in the work in the gym as he's heading into his 20th year. Last season, despite missing a bunch of games, he still led his team in points per game and minutes per game. He also was in the top three in rebounds, assists, blocks and steals. Showing he is the team's best player.

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LeBron James proved last season that he is still one of the top players in the NBA despite being one of the oldest on the court. He averaged 30.3 points, 8.2 rebounds and 6.2 assists in 56 games, which earned him a selection to his eighteenth All-Star game. Now this season he wants to translate those stats into wins.


LeBron James might no longer be capable of carrying a team to the championship, but he is more than capable of putting good numbers in that win various games. The Lakers just need some players that can help the ‘King’ to win enough games to reach the playoffs.

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Many players believe that LeBron James will never win another championship. Right now, the Lakers don't have the roster to win against the top teams in the West. But there are a few moves to change this team from a below average to contenders.


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