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NBA veteran backpedals after criticizing LeBron James

By James Brown

NBA veteran backpedals after criticizing LeBron James

Former NBA guard Brandon Jennings backpedals after blaming LeBron James  for the player empowerment era. 

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A couple days ago, former 10th pick overall in the 2009 draft, Brandon Jennings, criticized Chris Paul and LeBron James for making the NBA a “players games”, meaning that now any player can make a lot of money without earning most of it. He claimed that this have hurt the game. However, he came back, and backpedal on his previous comments, by declaring that both players earn the right to do what they did, but there's a lot of players that still have to prove themselves.

Jennings posted the comments about the players having all the power in the NBA right now via Twitter, “For one whoever made this a players league was the stupidest thing ever for the game of basketball…I feel like it was CP3, Bron and them… speaking of players this an that. And my thing is get the money I understand! but the passion for the game is lost!! Kids don't watch games anymore just go to highlight on Twitter and Instagram”.

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He continued his allegations by saying that players shouldn't decide whether a games is played or not, as this affects the fans all over the country. Jennings also claimed that the NBA should change the rules, as for only a couple of players really love the games. “If I'm a fan of the game of basketball why would I go pay to watch players that can decided whenever they want to play”, he expressed about the new league.

However, after everything Brandon Jennings  said, the former 9-year NBA veteran came back to Twitter to clarify his comments, especially the ones that seemed to criticized LeBron and Chris Paul, commenting, “Bron and CP earned that!! But it’s not for everybody is what I’m saying. Certain players can do certain stuff. But everyone can’t be comfortable trying to get that off. It’s still a business and system to respect.” 

What can the NBA do to take back control of the players?

Right now the NBA, and most professional sport leagues give a bunch of money to their players, even if they haven't prove they deserved it. However, every player in the league has the right to go where they want and negotiate how much money they want especially being a free agent. If the NBA put some clauses as Jennings suggested that in order to get paid you should do something before getting paid, instead of them being bonus.




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