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LeBron James reacts to missing the Playoffs last season

By James Brown

LeBron James reacts to missing the Playoffs last season

The Lakers were a disappointment last season as they missed the playoffs, a result of their 33-49 record

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Needless to say, the Los Angeles Lakers, were a huge disappointment last season as they finished 11th in the West, after their 33-49 record. This team was one of the biggest candidates for the title as they had LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook in their starting five roster. However, Westbrook was a bust trade, Davis could't stay healthy, as always and LeBron suffer some injuries that made him lose almost 30 games. Now LeBron talked about missing the playoffs.

During last season playoffs, James posted via Twitter, “I can/will NOT miss the postseason again for my career! This s*** HURT. Ok back to watching these games.” As the Lakers weren't even close to making the playoffs. Now in a interview for HBO's ‘The Shop he reiterated that “It burns my stomach to not be part of these games cause this is the best time to play basketball, ” explained the future Hall of Famer

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James has and amazing record when it comes to the Playoffs. He as appeared in an astounding 266 playoff games in his career as he's only missed the postseason four times over his 19-year career. The bad news for him and the Lakers is that, two of those seasons have come since the four-time MVP joined the Purple and Gold. They also are projected to miss the next round this year as they roster isn't competitive enough.

Let's not forget that LeBron James top in many categories in the NBA All-Time Playoff Leaders. The ‘King’ leads in 4 categories, including the most points and the most wins. James has and outstanding 7,631 Points scored, that's 1,644 more points that the second closest Michael Jordan. He also leads with 434 steals, 39 more that Scottie Pippen in second. His 174 wins also tops the charts, 13 more than Derek Fisher. His other leading category is turnovers, but that's nothing to brag about.

Can LeBron keep adding numbers in the playoffs?

Right now it seems that the Lakers will miss the playoffs for second year in a row. Everything can change if they can bring Kyrie Irving to Los Angeles, but that dream sims further and further away, as each day passes. Still LeBron will play in the NBA for at least three seasons more, having a chance to keep improving his playoffs stats.




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