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The Miami Heat plans to retire LeBron James number

By James Brown

The Miami Heat plans to retire LeBron James number

The Miami Heat plans to retire LeBron James number once the star decide to retire from the NBA

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The NBA announced the league-wide retirement of No. 6 in honor of the recent passing of legendary Boston Celtics championship center Bill Russell. However players that already wear the number won't be asked to stop wearing it, this includes Lakers superstar LeBron James switched from No. 23 to No. 6 last season. Right now the Miami Heat doesn't have a player wearing No.6, still they have plans to retire the number not only for Bill Russell but also honoring. LeBron James

The King stopped using No.23 when he move from Cleveland to the Miami Heat in 2010, there he decide to start wearing No.6, which he did for the next four years of his career. In four seasons with Miami, LeBron averaged 26.9 points, 7.6 rebounds and 6.7 assists. He led the Heat to consecutive championships and four straight appearances in the NBA Finals. His two MVPs also put him tied for third-most in NBA history.

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Only seven players have worn No. 6 in Heat's history, since the franchise’s 1988 inception. Terry Mills, Harold Jamison, Eddie Jones, Luke Jackson, Blake Ahearn and Mario Chalmers and LeBron James. The retirement of the number will not only honour Russell but also LeBron as, shown above, he was huge in team's history. However, the Heat will retire LeBron's number after the star decide to retire.

The Heat isn't new in retiring numbers but they not only honour former franchise members but also have give important athletes the honour. Dwyane Wade No. 3, Chris Bosh No. 1, Alonzo Mourning No. 33, Tim Hardaway No. 10 and Shaquille O’Neal (No. 32) are the players with their numbers retired. But Also NFL Hall of Famer Dan Marino's No.13, and Michael Jordan No.23 are also retire by the Miami Heat.

 Will the Cavaliers also retire LeBron James' number?

There's no doubt LeBron James is one of the most important players to ever wear the Cleveland Cavaliers jersey. So far the Cavs have retire seven numbers but none of those are James' No.23, of course as they can be waiting until LeBron's retirement just as the Heat will do.





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