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This could be the future for LeBron James. A brand new team

By James Brown

This could be the future for LeBron James. A brand new team

LeBron James is reportedly the top candidate to own a new expansion team  based in Las Vegas.

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Back in May, James was named the highest paid athlete in the world (126.9M) per Sportico. This fortune has come not only from his salary and sponsorships, but also thanks to his James' SpringHill Company that is valued at around $725M and with some investment in the powerful Fenway Sports Group. Now LeBron's only question is what to do with all this money, and the quick answer is to be the owner of a new brand expansion team in Las Vegas.

The rumours of the expansion of the NBA with two new teams and follow the NFL example is nothing new. Seattle and Las Vegas appear to be the front runners to get their own NBA franchise as they already count with NFL, MLB(in Seattle) and NHL teams. In a recent episode of his podcast, NBA insider Ric Bucher said that the ‘King’ seems to be the has the top candidate to own the Las Vegas expansion franchise.

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"LeBron James apparently is in the pole position, to be the owner of the Las Vegas expansion franchise, when Las Vegas and Seattle which I’m told is going to happen as soon as the next TV deals are in place, that those franchises are going to be added to the equation, which has a whole lot of repercussions including the timing of when LeBron decides to step aside and become an owner, rather than a player.", commented Ric Bucher.

If LeBron actually end up owning the Las Vegas NBA team, he would join Michael Jordan- with the Charlotte Hornets- as former players owning a team. The truth is the NBA commissioner Adam Silver already stated that the league is not discussing an expansion at this time, but a new TV broadcasting rights contract could begin as soon as 2025, that would as high as 8 billion annually. This could be the reason why to expand the league and give LeBron the chance to own a new team.

What could be the future for LeBron James?

One thing is certain, if he want to, he could keep playing for at least five years more. LeBron is in better physical shape than players ten years younger than him. Still his retirement is closer with every season, and even more after disappointing results as missing the playoffs. We also know LeBron wants to play until his son reach the NBA, so maybe the 2024 could be his final dance, just to own a team the following year.





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