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NBA insider believes Russell Westbrook can be a starter with the Lakers

By James Brown

NBA insider believes Russell Westbrook can be a starter with the Lakers

NBA insider Jovan Buha believes there's still a way Russell Westbrook be a starter with the Lakers.

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The Los Angeles Lakers have been trying to move away from Russell Westbrook since the end of last season. So far, they have added him in every possible trade they have offered, including the trade for Kyrie Irving. However, Westbrook's last season disaster and his expensive contract are scaring the teams away. Now it looks like Westbrook will stay with the Lakers.

As training camp comes close, the urgency of trading Westbrook away intensifies. The problem is that it seems that no one is willing to accept a trade for the former MVP. NBA insider Jovan Buha believes that there's no reason to trade Westbrook. In fact, the Lakers might think about adding him to the starting 5 for the upcoming season.

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"Westbrook and Davis are surrounded by three shooters, creating the ideal environment for them to operate in the pick-and-roll and run various two-man actions. Reaves and Brown can handle the more difficult perimeter assignments, leaving Westbrook to roam and help. Davis’ defensive brilliance and Bryant’s size prop up the back-line defense," explained Buha for the Athletic.

Russell Westbrook had his third worst campaign in his career last season. Still, his numbers weren't that bad, but they weren't what was expected from a former MVP. Russell Westbrook still has a big name in the NBA, so maybe a team might decide to add him to the roster, but if the Lakers can't trade him they shouldn't panic.

Does Russell Westbrook want to stay with the Lakers?

The Lakers just traded for Patrick Beverley, a player that has a long beef with Russell Westbrook. Also, the team has desperately tried to send him away. It seems that the relationship is more than broken now. Maybe right now, Russell Westbrook wants to be traded.


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