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Rob Pelinka isn't done making moves, he's just getting started

By James Brown

Rob Pelinka isn't done making moves, he's just getting started

Rob Pelinka isn't satisfied by signing LeBron. He still want to keep improving the roster

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The LeBron James extension was a big move this off-season. However, this is not enough for the Los Angeles Lakers if they want to compete next season for the championship. So far, the team has only made a move to get Kyrie Irving from the Brooklyn Nets by trading Russell Westbrook and two first-round picks. The team still has to improve in defense and 3 point shooter, and according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Rob Pelinka is just getting started.

The team has gotten younger during this off-season, signing players like Lonnie Walker IV, Marvin Bagley III and Scottie Pippen Jr. This doesn't seem enough to compete with teams like the Suns, the Clippers or the defending champions, the Warriors. Rob Pelinka will have to make some big moves before training camp if they want a chance to make the playoffs. Let's not forget last season they were far behind the teams that reached the playoffs.

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“… I still think this is a Laker team. Rob Pelinka, still been very active even in the dog days of August. He’s been on the phone a lot. He’s still trying to find deals to bring in more shooting perhaps size and so I think those conversations continue all the way to training camp until the start of the season. I still think this Laker roster may not look dramatically different but subtly different going into next season.” commented Adrian Wojnarowski.

This is amazing news for Lakers fans, especially because the front office hasn't made noise in most of the off-season. Hearing anything should mean they are at least trying to do something. Now with LeBron James locked in for the next season and the upcoming years, Rob Pelinka should make some moves to complement the future Hall of Famer's game style, even if that means giving up their first round picks.

Can the Lakers improve their record?

The Lakers improving their last season record isn't that hard as they finished with a mediocre record of 33 wins and 49 losses. They were only one game behind the Spurs for the play-in games. They will have to win one more game to get to a chance for the playoffs, but that's expecting the rest of the West teams don't improve as well.



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