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'Russell Westbrook is going to prove everybody wrong'

By James Brown

'Russell Westbrook is going to prove everybody wrong'

Mychal Thompson believes that Russell Westbrook will have a different attitude next season.

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Russell Westbrook has undoubtedly been the focal point of this offseason trade talks. Last season was a disaster for Westbrook as he couldn't carry the team to the playoffs and posted his worst statistical season ever. This wasn't what the fans would expect for a former MVP player, and now the Los Angeles Lakers' front office is doing everything in their power to get rid of the all-star player through a trade.

However, there are still some people that believe that Russell Westbrook can bounce back and play like or at least close enough to the player he was when he was voted MVP. The latest of his ‘supporters’ was Mychal Thompson. The former Lakers player said on SiriusXM NBA Radio, "Russ has a lot of pride," Thompson said. "He didn't have his best year last year, and he knows a lot of people are blaming him wrongly for the Lakers' failures. But I think Russ is going to come in with the right attitude to prove everybody wrong."

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“Darvin Ham, the man's got a lot of respect from everybody, and he's a guy who's not afraid to speak his mind, and I think players like Russell Westbrook and AD and LeBron respect that,” continued Klay Thompson's father. "When you have a strong personality like Darvin Ham. And I think Russell Westbrook is going to fall in line and come back and have a strong season, just to prove all the doubters out there wrong.” finished the two-time NBA champion regarding Russell Westbrook's status with the Lakers.

Russell was a disappointment last season, to say the least. Although he was healthy throughout the season, he wasn't able to put the number to back up his trade to the 17-time champion franchise. He merely finished the 2022 season averaging 18.5 points, 7.4 rebounds and 7.1 assists. Now the Lakers are offering the former MVP in all the trade proposals. The most sound one has been for Brooklyn Nets' Kyrie Irving.

Are the Lakers keeping Russell Westbrook for next season?

Despite the Lakers' front office intent on trading Russell Westbrook to any team, it seems no one wants to accept a declining player. Things are pointing to a last season with the Purples and Gold. That's why Darvin Ham wanted to include Russ on the offense by having him shoot more from the corner. Hopefully, that can help the team if he stays for next season.



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