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Brooklyn Nets not interested in Lakers first round picks

By James Brown

Brooklyn Nets not interested in Lakers first round picks

New reports have shown that the Brooklyn Nets are not interested in the Lakers' offer for Kyrie Irving.

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The Lakers have been actively trying to get Kyrie Irving via trade. The Purple and Gold have reportedly offered Russell Westbrook to the Brooklyn Nets, but after no news, the team decided to raise the stakes by adding two first-round picks. However, days have gone past, and there's still no answer. Now it seems that the Nets are not really interested in what the Lakers are capable of offering and so the trade is far from happening.

NBA analyst, Adrian Wojnarowski, believes that there are better options for the Lakers than Kyrie Irving. He thinks that the Lakers can add players such as Myles Turner or Buddy Hield, but they are not willing to offer the same draft capital for them as they would for Kyrie Irving. There's still something concrete in any of the offers that the Lakers might make. Russell Westbrook will be part of any deal, and so it seems he won't be a Laker next season.

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“ The Lakers are active in trade talks around the league. They have 2 real assets to put out there for a significant trade. That's their 20207 first-round pick and their 2029 first-round pick. If unprotected, it'll have a lot of value in the marketplace. The Lakers, I'm told, are willing to do that in a Kyrie Irving trade, but that's not something the Nets have been interested in.” Commented the NBA analyst for Sport Center.

The analyst also added that the Lakers want to improve their roster. “I think the Lakers are going to continue to try if they can add some shooting, perhaps some size, before the season. Perhaps into the early start of the season”, explained Wojnarowski. Still, there's some time for the Lakers to do some moves, but they definitely will have to make something happen as they don't have the roster to compete for a championship right now.

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Last year, the Lakers were in the bottom ten both on defense and on offense. It is clear that something has to change if they want to compete for a championship. Of course, some shooting might help, but during the 2019-20 championship run they had a top 3 defense. They might have to go back to a defensive team in order to win another title.





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