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Russell Westbrook was criticized by a former NFL running back

Russell Westbrook was criticized by a former NFL player after a Fashion Week Photoshoot.

By James Brown

Russell Westbrook was criticized by a former NFL player after a Fashion Week Photoshoot.
Russell Westbrook was criticized by a former NFL player after a Fashion Week Photoshoot.
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Russell Westbrook hasn't been one to shy away from the attention. We have know him to be a model for different campaigns and wear real outgoing outfits. Now during a Thom Browne fashion show, wore a outfit where he rocked a 'modern and avant-garde-looking white kilt with an off-white cardigan, leather boots pair up with a white skirt. This outfit not only caught the eyes of the fashion industry but also from the former NFL player Larry Johnson.

Johnson was pretty good running back for a while as he surprise the NFL in 2005 Johnson when he had 20 touchdowns and rushed for 1,750 yards. then he followed that up In 2006, by setting the NFL attempts record with 416 carries, he had 17 touchdowns and 1,789 yards rushing. However, he always was a controversial character, and now he came out of nowhere to criticized Russell Westbrook for his looks.

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“[Illuminati] ritual is upon us…There is an Effeminate Agenda going on amongst the NBA & NFL elite, peddled by high ranking Masons/handlers to indoctrinate the heterosexual sports world without them knowing, for the buying power of the LGBTQ community… But we not ready to have that conversation yet.”, said the former Running back via Twitter regarding Russell Westbrook's outfit during the fashion show.

The former Kansas City Chief, was drafted in the first round with the 27th overall pick in the 2003 NFL Draft. At one point Johnson had signed the largest contract in Kansas City Chiefs history, which would make him, at the time, one of the highest paid NFL RBs. However, he end up leaving the NFL through the backdoor after some serious allegations that will eventually end up his career. Now without any leverage he criticize a All-Star NBA champion.

Is Russell Westbrook receiving more attention than he should?

There's no doubt Russell Westbrook is one of the biggest names in the NBA right now. He's an  former MVP and All-star player. However his team has been way below expected, and with the last season he definitely deserve some critics. Now the Lakers want to trade him for Kyrie Irving, and so he is again in the news but for all the wrong reasons. A players with his last season stats shouldn't be as talked as he is.






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