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Stephen Curry shares story of Lakes legend Kobe Bryant

By James Brown

Stephen Curry shares story of Lakes legend Kobe Bryant

Stephen Curry recalls a story from his second year where Kobe Bryant gave him some compliments.

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Kobe Bryant might be the best Lakers player in all the team's history. He is the top scoring  and a five-time NBA champion. There's no denying his talent, and so, he probably could tell who had talent and who didn't. According to NBA champion Steph Curry, Kobe gave him some compliments that he will never forget.

The current Finals MVP told Sam Amick from The Athletic’s, a story during his second year in the league. According to Curry, Kobe saw him dribble and then take a shot, just as he does every game. The TV camera caught the Lakers Legend saying that Curry was a good player.

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“It was my second year, and we were playing at Oracle and he was on the bench,” Curry said. “I did a dribble left and right in front of their bench and a little pump fake and then hit the shot off the glass. And they had the camera zoomed in on him, and he looked at me as I was going down the court and you could see him say ‘That MF-er is nice.’ explained Curry.

Curry finished his story by commenting, "It was dope. When I saw it, that was a ‘Wow!’ moment. It’s corny, but it was one of those when-your-idols-become-your-rivals type vibes. But it was awesome. He recognized my skill level… Like, I’m doing something right.” Both players played each other for seven years until Kobe finally decided to retire in 2016.

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Orange County and the Lakers decided to call August 24th the ‘Kobe Day". This in honor of the great late Kobe Bryant, of course. The reason for the date is the combination of the two jerseys he used, No.8 and No.24. It also comes a day after Kobe’s birthday.


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