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That's how LeBron James stays in such incredible shape at 37 years old

You won't believe how much he invest in his selfcare 

By James Brown

You won't believe how much he invest in his selfcare 
You won't believe how much he invest in his selfcare 
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LeBron James is known not only for being one of the best players in NBA history but also for the impressive physical attributes that at 37 years old he continues to demonstrate. It would seem that King LeBron James is only 25 years old because he is in better physical shape than most of the NBA ( even though the NBA has the highest performing athletes from our humble point of view).

The truth is that there is no secret formula to possessing the physique of King LeBron James. The key according to James himself is discipline. He will never be seen drinking soda or eating junk food (beyond taco Tuesday). In addition, to develop those muscles, LeBron trains every day, he has a home gym that is on par with any professional team gym in any sport, as well as latest-generation equipment to facilitate his recovery, such as hyperbaric and cryotherapy chambers.

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According to some estimates, LeBron James spends more than a million dollars per season on taking care of his body. That money is not only invested in equipment but in a whole host of health professionals who help him stay in that spectacular Yam shape. From chefs to physical therapists to, of course, a personal trainer who once declared that James has a privileged physique; "LeBron has a privileged physique, a great intelligence and an unbreakable willpower. At this point in his career, we try to make sure he has enough fuel in the tank to last the whole season considering he can play almost 40 minutes a night," he explains.

It's worth mentioning that this statement is already a couple of years old. That makes King James' numbers last season even more impressive (30.3 points per game, 8.2 rebounds, and 6.2 assists). Only players like Michael Jordan and Karl Malone have averaged those numbers at the age of 35.


About to turn 38 but far from retirement 

LeBron will turn 38 in December, but his retirement is nowhere near. He has also repeatedly mentioned that he would like to share the court with his sons, who are 17 and 15 years old respectively. If LeBron wanted to play with both of them he would have to play until he was 42-43 years old, which he is very likely to do by taking care of himself the way he takes care of himself. The current record for the oldest player in the NBA is held by Kevin Willis who played his last game at 44 years and 244 days old. Will LeBron James be able to beat this record?



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