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The Lakers are interested in signing a five-time All-star player

By James Brown

The Lakers are interested in signing a five-time All-star player

The Lakers might be interested in trading for Klay Thompson if the Warriors decide to let him go.

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The Los Angeles Lakers have one of the worst rosters in the NBA. Sure, they have a four-time MVP and arguably the best player in NBA history in LeBron James, and an all-star player in Anthony Davis, but that's about it. The team's front office needs to start making some moves if they want to make the playoffs this year. So far, Rob Pelinka has only shown interest in trading for Kyrie Irving, but there might be a player that could be easier to get, just a few miles up.

According to Sean Deveney from Heavy, an NBA executive believes the Warriors should let go five-time All-star player Klay Thompson. The executive argued that Thompson's injury history and the value that can bring Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins to the team, are the reason why Golden State should let go the four-time NBA champion. If this does happen, the Lakers should pick up the phone and try to bring the player as soon as possible.

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“The first thing is, he is not going to want to leave there voluntarily. If you ask around the league, I don’t think there are many players who are happier in their situations than Klay Thompson is in the Bay Area, playing for the Warriors.” commented the executive. "I think, sentimentally, they are going to keep him. But if you are talking about losing Poole or Wiggins or even Draymond in order to keep a 34-year-old Klay Thompson, if you’re making the decision strictly on basketball … you’d have to let Klay go.

The Lakers might not be as interested just because of Thompson's injury history. They already have Anthony Davis on the team and LeBron James is no longer the Iron-man he once was. Adding Klay might be a very interesting option, but it could also mean that there's no guarantee that the three players are going to play together a lot of time as they are due to have an injury at some point during the season.

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There are many reports that say the Lakers are interested in the two Indiana players, Buddy Hield and Myles Turner. Any of these players can help the team. The two will definitely help the team. But so far, Rob Pelinka hasn't shown real interest, and reports say that the GM doesn't want to send future first round picks for either player.


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