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The Lakers are not concentred in trading Russell Westbrook

By James Brown

The Lakers are not concentred in trading Russell Westbrook

The Los Angeles Lakers are trying to upgrade the team, but are not concentrating on trading Russell Westbrook.

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The Lakers are in desperate need of upgrading their roster. They just traded for an all-NBA defensive player in Patrick Beverley. Still, the team has to fill a couple of holes. Many people believe that the way the team can get a good trade is by sending Russell Westbrook away. However, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic, the team is not focusing on trading the former MVP right now.

“I would expect the Lakers to continue to look at the marketplace to make their team better, and you know, I don’t think there’s a concerted effort to move Russell Westbrook. I think the concerted effort is ‘can we make a deal with certain players on the roster with the picks that we have to improve this team,” explained Charina.

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The Lakers front office have tried to trade Russell Westbrook away. They offered him to the Brooklyn Nets in exchange for Kyrie Irving. Of course, that didn't pay off for the Purple and Gold. Now he has been rumored in trade for Donovan Mitchell. There's also a possible trade for the Pacers duo of Myles Turner and Buddy Hield.

The relationship between Russell Westbrook and the Lakers is more than broken.It seems there is no way for the two sides to continue going forward, especially after the trade for Patrick Beverley, who has a beef with the former MVP.

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The Lakers still need to add more players that can help the top players on the roster. Russell Westbrook is the most valuable player for a trade. However, his expensive contract and bad season last year might be a reason why not many teams are in line to get Westbrook.


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