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The Lakers can finally send Russell Westbrook away and this is how they can do it

By James Brown

The Lakers can finally send Russell Westbrook away and this is how they can do it

The Lakers want to trade Russell Westbrook. But the only way that might happen is if the Jazz trade Donovan Mitchell.

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Since the start of the off season, the Lakers have tried to get rid of Russell Westbrook. He was brought to help the team take the next step towards a championship, but he ended up having his worst season since his second year in the league. Now there's a way that they can trade him, but it can only happen if the Jazz can trade Donovan Mitchell.

According to Marc Stein, the Jazz could get Russell Westbrook if some other team takes Mitchell. "If the Knicks manage to win the trade race for Utah’s Donovan Mitchell, or even if another team unexpectedly beats them to Mitchell, league sources say there’s a decent chance that the Lakers will be involved in the deal."

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Stein also added that the Lakers could send the former MVP and their two first round picks if that can help them to land players that will make the team a contender. “Russell Westbrook’s $47 million expiring contract and those picks could be the Lakers’ entree to a potential three-team swap … depending on the players that would land in Los Angeles.”

Rob Pelinka has repeatedly said that he doesn't want to send the two first round picks away. They offered the picks for Kyrie Irving, but that didn't pay off. Now, reportedly, they have to send both picks and Westbrook if they want a roster to fight for the championship.

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There are two trades that could happen for the Lakers. They want to bring Buddy Hield and Miles Turner from the Indiana Pacers but they don't want to give them two first rounders. They can also land Bojan Bogdanovic, Malik Beasley, and Jordan Clarkson if they trade with the Jazz.


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