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The Lakers full Schedule is out, these are the games to watch

By James Brown

The Lakers full Schedule is out, these are the games to watch

Lakers schedule is finally out, and there are some games that are a most watch in our calendar

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The same day LeBron James sign his new extension, the Lakers found out who are they playing against and when are they playing as the full schedule is finally out. We already knew that the Lakers will be playing the defending champions Golden State Warriors in the Opening Night Game. The four games against the Clippers and the Christmas day match up vs the Dallas Mavericks were also out already.

Now we know some interesting facts about the Lakers schedule, as well as the most intriguing games they are going to play. Right now the Purples and Gold are projected to finish in the bottom of the Western Conference and miss the playoffs, just as they did last season. Despite this, the Lakers, are going to have the most national TV games in the whole NBA with 39 and it is worth noticing that 24 out of 41 home games will be played on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

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Some of the games that were leaked before the full schedule release are in the top 10 of must watch games. Also the game in Milwaukee against the Buck is also interesting as it's Darvin Ham's return to the team he used to coach before joining the Lakers. The game on march 7th will be also special as it will be the day Pau Gasol jersey will be retired vs the Memphis Grizzlies. And of course the last game of the regular season vs the Utah Jazz in in April 9 is a must watch.

As said in other posts, the game between the Lakers and Cleveland is very intriguing because of LeBron's history with the team. Now December 6th James will return to the place where his NBA career started as the highest-earning player in history. There are also a couple of games that we want are a must see but it will depend on where Russell Westbrook will end and also the team that lands Kevin Durant.

Key points in Lakers schedule

It's important to note that the Lakers will have 10 game in the Arena in their 15 games which should give them some advantage, but 16 of their first 20 are against teams in the Western Conference.This includes two games vs the Clippers, one vs the Warriors and three again the Spurs. Still they have 14 ‘rest advantages’ which means they'll have 14 games where they don't play the night before but their rivals do.




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