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The Lakers plan for Russell Westbrook if he's not traded

By James Brown

The Lakers plan for Russell Westbrook if he's not traded

The Lakers have tried to trade Russell Westbrook but there's no update. Darvin Ham started to create a plan to utilize the MVP.

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The Lakers have been trying to trade Russell Westbrook away since the end of last season. He was brought to the team because the Lakers front office thought he was the missing piece that the team needed to win another championship. That, of course, didn't happen. Now the lakers have been trying to trade the former MVP away with no result.

According to NBA reporter Marc Stein, the Lakers head coach is planning to utilize Westbrook in the upcoming season.  “Yet I am also hearing that, if no trade involving Westbrook materializes and if he is on the roster when the Lakers start practicing on Sept. 27, new Lakers coach Darvin Ham remains determined to carve out a real role for Westbrook."

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“Sources say that the Lakers, to date, have strongly resisted the idea of shelving Westbrook completely until they can find a trade for him like the Rockets tried last season with John Wall — even after trading for longtime Westbrook adversary Patrick Beverley. Westbrook, who turns 34 in November, appeared in 78 of the Lakers’ 82 games last season,” concluded Stein.

There are some rumors that Russell Westbrook could be sent to the Utah Jazz in exchange for Donovan Mitchell. There's also some that want him to be sent to the Indiana Pacers for the duo of Myles Turner and  Buddy Hield. Still, it seems that he could stay with the team.

Russell Westbrook's value

Last season, Russell Westbrook had his worst season in his first two years in the league. Still, his numbers weren't as bad as fans made them see. Westbrook averaged 18.5 points, 7.4 rebounds and 7.1 assists. His value right now is more as a trade piece than as a starter for the team.


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