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The Lakers should consider doing this if they can't trade Russell Westbrook

By James Brown

The Lakers should consider doing this if they can't trade Russell Westbrook

The Lakers want to trade Russell Westbrook, but they should consider doing this if they can't trade him.

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The Lakers have been trying to trade Russell Westbrook since the end of last season. The team brought the point guard because they thought he was the missing piece they needed to return to the NBA Finals, but that didn't happen.  Now NBA analyst Skip Bayless believes that the best thing to do with Westbrook is cut him from the team.

The days go by and there's no team that are willing to accept a trade for Westbrook, that's why Bayless believes they should cut him. "The single-best exit strategy out from under him is to pay him and send him home. Addition by subtraction. He's virtually untradable. … He will not allow a buyout, he's got too much pride. … The best way to make the team better is just to dismiss him."

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Russell Westbrook's numbers were that bad last season. He averaged 18.5 points, 7.4 rebounds and 7.1 assists in 78 games. Of course, those weren't the MVP numbers that everyone was hoping to see from the all-star player. In fact, Bayless argues that there are some stats that show why the team should not keep him.

"He's got the worst hands of any point guard I've ever seen," Bayless said. "He was statistically the worst 3-point shooter in all of basketball, and he was the fourth-worst free-throw shooter. … He led the league in turnovers per game all the way to the last three when he sat," concluded the analyst.

Should the Lakers keep Russell Westbrook?

The relationship between the Lakers and Russell Westbrook is more than broken. The team has shown that they don't want them on their roster. A trade should be the best option for both sides, as it would mean a fresh start for Russell and an upgrade for the team.


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