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The Los Angeles Lakers still need to surpass the Boston Celtics

By James Brown

The Los Angeles Lakers still need to surpass the Boston Celtics

Jeanie Buss still wants to surpass the Boston Celtics in every category possible, especially Championships.

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Despite winning a Championship two years ago, the Los Angeles Lakers haven't been the most competitive team in the NBA, actually they are far from being one. Last year they missed the playoffs with LeBron James and Anthony Davis in their roster. Still, the front office, specially Jeanie Buss believes this won't be the end. “There is a lot more Lakers history to be written, and it’s going to be written by new players and new coaches" she said for Yahoo Sports.

Los Angeles are sitting at the top tied with the Boston Celtics in Championships with 17 each. The Lakers have won 11 NBA Championships since the Buss family took over the franchise and have seen a number of legendary superstars don the purple and gold, including the likes of Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Shaquille O’Neal and most recently LeBron James. However, it seems the Celtics are closer of a championship than the Lakers.

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“When he (Jerry Buss) started, he wanted to take on the Boston Celtics and all the winning they had done. Now, with ring No. 17, we’re tied with the Celtics in terms of winning. That’s what he set out to do. And certainly the work is not done yet. We have to continue that quest, and we’ll do so.” said Jeanie Buss in the same interview. This comes before the start of a new season with a team that finished 11 in the Western Conference and with the recent of the Celtics losing at the Finals.

There's no doubt the Lakers are one of the most important franchises in the whole world but if we take away the last championship that happened during a global pandemic, they haven't been competitive since the 2010. We expect to see the Lakers fighting for the Championship every year, and this hasn't been the reality, that's why Buss' words should be very inspiring for Lakers fans looking forward, even past the LeBron era.

Can the Lakers go back to the top of the NBA?

Everyone expected the Lakers compete for the Championship every year since LeBron's arrival, and even more after Davis'. But apart from the title in the ‘bubble’, it doesn't seem the team is heading toward success. Lakers are trying to land Kyrie Irving through trade, but it almost seem they are stuck in the same place without resolution. We have to see if the roster improves before the start of a new season.  



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