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The big danger for the Lakers if they sign Kyrie Irving.

Kyrie is an excellent player but it wouldn't be all that easy for the Lakers

By James Brown

Kyrie is an excellent player but it wouldn't be all that easy for the Lakers
Kyrie is an excellent player but it wouldn't be all that easy for the Lakers
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Everything seems to indicate that Kyrie Irving will end up coming to Los Angeles Lakers. In the last few days, it has been revealed that the Lakers are willing to offer 2 first-round picks (2027 and 2029) in addition to Russell Westbrook for Kyrie Irving to play in the crypto arena next season. Although this is not official, it seems that in the next few days the Lakers will formally make the offer.

Kyrie Irving is an excellent player. He would be a valuable addition to the Lakers roster. Also, unlike Russell Westbrook when he arrived in Los Angeles, the Australian-born player has already played with the king LeBron James so it should not be a difficult adjustment for the current Brooklyn Nets point guard.

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But beyond the talent that we all know he has, off-court factors have always affected not only him but the teams he has played for. Irving's most recent scandal was in the pandemic due to covid 19. The player openly declared himself anti-vaccine which kept him off the court for many games. Something that affected the Brooklyn Nets as they had a higher projection for last season.

The other troubling issue is that at the time, according to rumors, Kyrie Irving was not the biggest fan of King LeBron James. When both played for the Cleveland Cavaliers, where they won a championship in 2016, some close to the team said that the relationship between the two superstars was delicate because LeBron was not very fond of Irving. 
Years later Irving stated that he apologized to LeBron James; "I apologized to him for being a young guy who didn't understand what LeBron was going through as a leader. Bron was one of those guys that came to Cleveland and showed us what it's like to win a championship."

A risky bet

Talent is not in doubt. Kyrie Irving is undoubtedly among the top 15-20 players in the NBA. But he is a player who is usually under the spotlight due to his often immature attitude. He is also a player who in the last 3 seasons has missed a lot of games and that is something that the Los Angeles Lakers if they sign him, can't afford. We will have to wait to see what happens with the issue of Russell Westbrook to know if Kyrie Irving comes to the Los Angeles Lakers or not.



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