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This player will be crucial for the Los Angeles Lakers next season

He arrived last season and has not played a single minute.

By James Brown

He arrived last season and has not played a single minute.
He arrived last season and has not played a single minute.
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Kenrick Nunn came to the Los Angeles Lakers last season. Due to the salary budget from the signing of Russell Westbrook, the Los Angeles Lakers had to be very punctual in the selection of players to join their roster. The Chicago-born point guard came from the Miami Heat, a team where he showed very interesting things and maintained a good level. He played for the Heat for 2 seasons.

But his arrival to the Los Angles Lakers has not been as expected. The reality of his arrival to the Los Angeles Lakers has been a joke. The point guard did not play a single game last season due to injuries. So Los Angeles Lakers fans are still waiting to see what this player is capable of. Knee problems since the beginning of the last season have kept him from making his Los Angeles Lakers debut. Something that of course bothers the fans.

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A couple of weeks ago, Nunn stated that he is 100 percent healthy and excited about the new season; "I feel great, 100 percent, honestly, back to where I normally was as far as level. It's been a while since I've felt this good, probably since last season when I was still playing." No doubt this generates some hope in the Lakers' team as he could have been a big help during last season.

Coincidentally, the only memory that Laker fans have of Kendrick Nunn is the 2019-2020 Finals in which the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Miami Heat in 6 games, at the bubble, to win their 17th championship. In that season Kendrick Nunn averaged 15.3 points per game, 3.3 assists, and 2.7 rebounds. Undoubtedly very good numbers for a player who was not always a starter.

Kendrick Nunn the missing piece?

Kendrick Nunn is not a superstar, but he is a player that can help the team a lot. Everything seems to indicate that if Kyrie Irving does not come to Los Angeles Lakers, Nunn would be the starting point guard of the team, as Darvin Hamm has already mentioned that Russell Westbrook will take a secondary role and the game will not pass so much through his hands. Personally, we think that Nunn can be a very good role player as Caldwell-Pope and Alex Caruso were in their time. What is true is that he will have to do a great season and even more so because he is getting paid a lot of money for his none participation so far.


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