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The real culprits of Russell Westbrook's failure in Los Angeles

By James Brown

The real culprits of Russell Westbrook's failure in Los Angeles

Stephon Marbury calls out LeBron James and Anthony Davis while defending Russell Westbrook's failure

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Russell Westbrook is probably, along side with LeBron, the most talked about Lakers player in the last couple of months but, unlike James, the talks around Westbrook tend to be on the negative side. Last season was a complete disaster for the Lakers. Both Davis and James got injured, which put the weight of the team on Westbrook's shoulders. The former MVP couldn't keep up and crumbled under the pressure. Still, there are some people that believe not everything was Westbrook's fault.

Former NBA player Stephon Marbury, gave his opinion via the Ryen Russillo Podcast regarding Westbrook's play with the Los Angeles Lakers during last season. He claimed that Russell Westbrook's failure was because of LeBron James and Anthony Davis. The former point guard believes that as the leaders and best players, both James and Davis should have adjusted to help Westbrook play where he is at his best.

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“The best player is supposed to make the adjustments. You gotta allow Russell to be able to do what he does if you’re saying that you want him to come here because you watched him play, you’ve seen him play, you’ve played against him”, explained the Beijing Royal Fighters' head coach, remembering that Westbrook joined the Lakers because he is a former MVP and because he can play as one of the best players.

Marbury also commented that if James and Davis didn't help Westbrook succeed with the Lakers it was because they weren't smart enough to adjust during the season. “LeBron and Davis, them guys know what Russell Westbrook was before he got here. You can’t be that smart of a basketball player and not know who you’re getting, who you’re going to be playing with. Who’s making the adjustments? It can’t be blamed on Russell Westbrook.”

Will Westbrook receive a second chance with the Lakers?

Many things have been said about Russell Westbrook during this off-season. He was a front runner to be the piece in the Kyrie Irving trade. But Lakers Head coach Darvin Ham, has said that he is excited to work with the former MVP. Also, there have been some rumors that suggest the Lakers already have a plan to utilize Westbrook as a corner 3-point shooter during next season. With training camp just around the corner, it is just a matter of time to get resolution in Westbrook status.





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