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This is how LeBron James can help the Lakers compete for the title

By James Brown

This is how LeBron James can help the Lakers compete for the title

LeBron James has been eligible for an extension since August 4th. However NBA insider believes he should wait before extending.

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The talks about LeBron James' extension have been all over the news in the last two weeks, as he's been eligible for an extension since August 4th. Everyone is waiting to see if the ‘King’ stays with the Lakers for a couple more years, or if he decides to join a team with a better roster that can help him win a fifth championship. NBA insider Tim Bontemps believes he should wait one more year and sing another contract with Los Angeles but taking less money.

As for now, LeBron has one of three options. He either sign a one or two year extension this year that could give him up to 97 million. Or he can wait a year and then sign a new contract with the Lakers for two or even three years, that can give him up to 151 million. Or the third option is wait a year and become a free agent, so that he can sign a contract with any team he wants, however this option would give him only 147 million.

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According to Tim Bontemps, Lebron should follow James Harden example, and sing for less money “If you look at the situation the Lakers are in, they don’t have enough salary cap space to go out and fill in the roster around him and Anthony Davis. And the one way they have to do that is for LeBron to wait till next summer, opt out of his contract, and like James Harden, this summer with Philly, take a little bit less money, and allow them to fill in around him and Anthony Davis on this roster."

Right now the Lakers doesn't have a competitive roster that can help LeBron win a championship. sure, they are still waiting on the Kyrie Irving trade that will certainly improve their chances, but for now they can only hope that LeBron really want to stay with the team for the upcoming years. Right now LeBron is one of the richest athletes in the world, so money isn't a issue. The only dilemma is whether if the Lakers can help him win one more championship.

Where will LeBron end his NBA career?

Many people included Rob Pelinka wants LeBron to end his career on the Lakers. This could be very interesting, but would only make sense if he turns a Legend for the team. There's no doubt him finishing his career in Cleveland could be very poetic and a ‘Last Dance’ of his own. Finally he can end his career in his own Las Vegas team.






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