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This is what Jeanie Buss had to say about who is the greatest of all time.

For the owner of the Lakers, he's the best.

By James Brown

For the owner of the Lakers, he's the best.
For the owner of the Lakers, he's the best.
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Opinions are divided around the world. There are few things on which people are in complete agreement. Among NBA fans, everyone agrees that Michael Jordan and LeBron James are the two best players to ever play the game. But the disagreement comes when it comes to deciding which of the two is better and why. Both have their arguments for being the best and that makes the decision even more difficult.

For Jeanie Buss, the current owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, the decision is easy. In a recent interview with the daughter of the late Dr. Jerry Buss, said that Michel Jordan is above everyone, even LeBron James and Kareem Abdul Jabbar. This statement takes some by surprise. Not because it is wrong to think that Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time but because it comes out just as LeBron is negotiating a possible extension with the Los Angeles Lakers.

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While LeBron James has never had a problem accepting Michael Jordan's greatness (so much so that he wore the number 23 in honor of the 6-time champion with the Chicago Bulls), the King is a born competitor and we don't think he likes it when someone (especially his boss) says there is someone better than him.

If we talk about statistics, they both have enough arguments to be considered the best of all time. On one hand, Michael Jordan won 6 NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls while LeBron has won 4 championships with 3 different teams. Michael Jordan won the DPOY averaging more than 30 points per game while LeBron is just 1300 points away from becoming the all-time leading scorer. Undoubtedly, both have enough arguments to be considered the best.

Rivalries make them better

Throughout the history of sports we have seen great rivalries either between players of the same era or comparisons with players of another era; Cristiano Ronaldo vs Messi, Nadal vs Federer, Montana vs Brady, etc., These rivalries always drive to be better. Not for nothing LeBron, beyond the comparisons, admires Michael Jordan. Let's try to enjoy both, LeBron as an active player and Michael Jordan as the legend he is in basketball.



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