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This is what we can expect for next season.

With less than two months to go before the start of next season, here's what we can expect.

By James Brown

With less than two months to go before the start of next season, here's what we can expect.
With less than two months to go before the start of next season, here's what we can expect.
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Without a doubt, last season was one of the worst for the Los Angeles Angels, both in terms of play and management. Bad hires, bad results, injuries, and bad decisions are just some of the problems that caused such a disappointing season. But that was last season and with less than 2 months to go before the 2022 - 2023 season starts, the Lakers are practically ready to return to the top.

This new season looks to be much better than last season (in fact last season was so bad that we don't think they can have a worse season). With the departure of Frank Vogel and the arrival of Darvin Hamm as head coach, in addition to the rebuilding of the roster, it seems that the Los Angeles Lakers are renewed and hungry for revenge. The season kicks off on October 18 against the reigning champions; The Golden State Warriors.

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It is expected that this season we will see a change of attitude in the players as this was a key factor for last season's failure. As mentioned in the podcast of the Kamenetzky brothers; "Locked on Lakers", last year we saw that lack of attitude since the preseason, with veteran players who were overconfident and did not count on the injuries of some teammates combined with the bad decisions of both Frank Vogel and the players. In this new season the players are not the same, from the beginning we see many players under 30 years old which last season there were very few.

Another aspect that the team is expected to improve is the defense. This was something that cost the purple and gold team a lot. It was very easy to hurt them, so much so that we were the 3rd worst team in terms of points received (115.1 points received per game), only behind the Sacramento Kings and the Houston Rockets. We were also the third team with the most turnovers.

A lot of work to do

The season will not be easy at all. The rest of the teams are becoming more and more competitive. But we are hopeful that our Los Angeles Lakers will improve and return to being the protagonists of the league. There is no doubt that Darvin Ham has a lot of work to do. With training camp just a few weeks away, the roster is almost ready, waiting to see what happens with Russell Westbrook and the possible arrival of players like Kyrie Irving and Patrick Beverly.


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