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We will never have the prime Russel Westbrook back, Lakers fans can't stand him anymore

By James Brown

We will never have the prime Russel Westbrook back, Lakers fans can't stand him anymore

Once again, Russell Westbrook light up controversy with Lakers fans

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When an ordinary NBA fan thinks about Russell Westbrook he thinks about an MVP, a player who has been an all-star multiple times, or the guy who has the record for most triple-doubles. But when a lakers fans thinks about Russell Westbrook they must think about one of the worst players to ever wear the purple and gold uniform.

When Russell Westbrook arrived in Los Angeles, he did so with the tag of superstar, because although he did not have his best moment with Washington as he did with Oklahoma, he was the team's leader along with Bradley Beal. Westbrook is an excellent player, that's why LeBron James was the one who decided to bring him to the team. But his current level is far below what was expected.

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Beyond the talent Russ once showed, Lakers fans no longer tolerate him. If there's a demanding fandom, it's Laker’s fandom. No matter who you are, if you don't give it all of yourself for the purple and gold colors you're probably not much to their liking. You only have to go on Twitter to see how they express themselves about Russell Westbrook.

A couple of days ago a video of Russell Westbrook showing him in top physical shape was posted. It took just a few minutes for the haters to show up. We must remember that last season Russell Westbrook had incidents with some fans who unfortunately do not get that even though we love basketball, is just a sport.

Russell Westbrook believes he did well last season

Russell Westbrook is a constant subject of controversy. A few days ago, the Lakers point guard, who despite leading the team in some numbers, is coming off one of his worst seasons, liked a tweet from a user who questioned how people could be calling for his departure when he was a victim of injuries from his teammates and many different lineups. The truth is that all lakers fans expected much more from an MVP and multiple all-stars.


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