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NBA analyst believes this is Russell Westbrook's future

By James Brown

NBA analyst believes this is Russell Westbrook's future

The Lakers have tried to trade Russell Westbrook always since the start of the offseason, but this could be his future.

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The Lakers have tried to move off from Russell Westbrook since the start of the offseason. They wanted to send him to Brooklyn in exchange for Kyrie Irving. Of course, that door is closed, so the Purple and Gold are back here where they started. Still, they are trying to make a move before the start of the season, but they might consider having Westbrook for the first couple of games.

According to NBA analyst, Alex Speers of The Athletic, the Lakers might not be able to trade Russell Westbrook before the start of the season. But he's sure that the former MVP won't end the campaign  wearing the Purple and Gold. “If they don’t trade him (Westbrook) by opening night, I think they will be trading him within two weeks from the start of the season."

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"Their opening schedule is kind of brutal…I’m predicting that if they don’t trade him by the opening game, within those first two weeks, by November 1st, there will be a Russell Westbrook trade because that opening schedule is setting them up for another disappointment. If they get up to another disappointing start again, the pressure is going to be insanely high,” commented Speers.

Lets not forget that the Lakers will open the season against the defending champion, Golden State Warriors. Then, two days later, they'll face one of the favorites for the championship in the LA Clippers. Nine of their first ten games will be against teams from the West. If they start slow, they probably will miss the playoffs once again.

Russell Westbrook revenge tour

There have been some former players that believe that Russell Westbrook will prove doubters wrong in the upcoming season. But it could depend where he ends up playing. Right now, the relationship with the Lakers is more than broken, so maybe a fresh start is just what he needs to get back to a all-star level.


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