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People within the Lakers still really feel like landing Kyrie Irving

By James Brown

People within the Lakers still really feel like landing Kyrie Irving

Some personnel within the Lakers still believe they are going to sign Kyrie Irving this season or the next one.

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The Los Angeles Lakers had only one player in mind to trade for during this offseason. Rob Pelinka put all the chips on the table trying to get the all-star player and it didn't pay off in the end. After Kevin Durant's news that he would stay in the team, all offers for Kyrie were shot down. Now the Lakers have signed Patrick Beverley, which might mean they are moving on.

Still, it seems some people within the franchise are not ready to let go Kyrie Irving so easily. According to Alex Schiffer on The Athletic NBA Show, some people in the Purple and Gold organization,  "still really feel like Kyrie Irving is coming to them next year."

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Alex Schiffer also commented that the Lakers might trade for an all-star player mid season if the Nets do not get the results they were expecting. Let's not forget that Irving is only signed for one more season after picking up his $36.5 million player option.

The Lakers still need to trade Russell Westbrook away, but according to reports, the Lakers might start the season with the former MVP on their roster and trade him within the first two weeks of the season. Once they have freed his contract of their cap space, they will have more money to sign a player like Irving.

Is Kyrie Irving still an option?

Even though the Lakers have traded for Patrick Beverley, the team still have some holes in their roster. There are reports linking the Pacers duo of Turner and Hield to the team, but there's nothing official yet. Irving might still be an option, but that's only if the Lakers have what to offer.


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