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Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley should play together

By James Brown

Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley should play together

According to NBA analyst Kendrick Perkins, the Lakers should try to play Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley together.

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The Lakers were the biggest disappointment last year. With two former MVPs and an all-star player on the roster, they ended up missing the playoffs. Now they are trying to send Russell Westbrook away after they brought Patrick Beverley to be the team's biggest defensive player. There's bad blood between Westbrook and Beverley, but NBA analyst Kendrick Perkins believes they should play together.

Patrick Beverley and Russell Westbrook have had bad blood for almost ten years. Their hatred for each other came to a boiling point last season. Still, right now they are teammates. Most people believe that after Beverley's trade the Lakers had no choice but to trade Westbrook away. But Kendrick Perkins argues that they should play together.

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“We heard Darvin Ham speaking about how he wants Russell Westbrook to be the best defensive player that he has ever been, or have one of the best defensive seasons that he has ever had. … So when I come up with this analogy, iron sharpens iron. When you bring Patrick Beverley over there, now all of a sudden, Russell Westbrook can’t get away with the things that he got away with last year because he has Patrick Beverley who is gonna push him,” explained Perkins.

The Lakers are in desperate need of help. Their trade for Beverley made a lot of sense as they needed a defensive player on their roster, but they still needed to add some size and shooting to their team. Of course, adding an all-star player could be the best option, but that might not be available for the team.

Will the Lakers keep Russell Westbrook?

The Lakers have tried to trade Russell Westbrook since the end of last season. They offered him to the Brooklyn Nets in the Kyrie Irving trade but that did not pay off. Still, the former MVP is their biggest asset in a possible trade. If the team wants to improve their roster, they will have to send Westbrook away.


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